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Human Factors in Aviation Essays

Human Factors in Aviation Essays Human Factors in Aviation Essay Human Factors in Aviation Essay Essay Topic: Claim Of Fact Which leads us to the question, where does the future of transportation lead us? Many sci-fi movies in in the past, depict the futuristic details of mankind living in the world with flying vehicles. According to the movie Back To The Future 2, we should be able to produce and and use flying automobiles, hovering skateboards and the ability transport through time by the year 2015. In our case in the year 2011, that probability doesnt seem too likely.The problem is not only the production of such types to create a faster, sleaker, or more efficient transport vehicle, but the new rules and regulations that need to be put forth into introducing the vehicle into modern day airways, roads and waterways. For example, as we understand, automobiles are normally controlled and regulated by the DMV and air transportation are usually monitored and controlled by the FAA.With the two very independant entities, with very different responsibilities, the combination of the two creates a completely new organization. Or, will the DMV still control the grounds portion and the FAA remain with the airways? If that is the case, who controls the middle? I the flying vehicle crashes mid air, who takes the responsibility? Regardless of the matter, the future of transportation must move on, to a better more reliant and a more economically friendly future. That is exactly what the future of transportation is, It moves. Society and mobility is going to transform quite a bit over the next 50 to 100 years, predicts Mark Moore, an aerospace engineer at NASAs Langley Research Center in Virginia. He adds that there are five practical considerations to take into account when designing the transport of the future: efficiency and environmental friendliness, community friendliness (meaning that it doesnt make a lot of noise), safety and reliability, ease of use (meaning that it should be semi-autonomous or as easy to use as a car), and, of course, affordability. ttp://www. g ood. is/post/planes-trains-and-automobiles-of-the-future/ In the past few decades there has been a lot of hue and cry about environment awareness and saving our beloved planet and the whole issue of global warming overall. Rightly so, as there has been an excessive use of exhaustible sources of energy and fuel. In an attempt to provide solutions to this problem, alternative fuels are being experimented with for running vehicles and other motor operated things.The reason being to get eco-friendly fuels and to delay the exhaustion of fossil fuels. Electrochemical cells are such an alternative fuel, which is very frequently used in electric and hybrid cars as well. Now even though these electric cars are claimed to be eco friendly and not adding to the deterioration of the environment, there are some other factors which have to be considered in electric cars.By Medha Godbole Published: 8/19/2010 buzzle. com/articles/electric-cars-pros-and-cons. html

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3D Printer Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

3D Printer Technology - Essay Example The essay "3D Printer Technology" talks about the 3D printer technology also called additive manufacturing. A procedure involves the development of three-dimensional objects that are solid from a digital file. The essay also reflects on different types of printing technology, file types sent to 3D printed. This is an additive manufacturing technology. It is used in various applications namely production applications, modeling, and prototyping. The fused deposition modeling also is one of the methods employed in 3D printing. The technology has existed drawing back from 1980 by Scott cramp; the technology has proved effective over years by applying the additive principles in its operation. It works by laying materials in layers, and a metal wire or filament made of plastic is relaxed from a coil hence distributes materials to produce apart. The technology is termed as simple to explore and clean; it also supports thermoplastic grade product that is mechanically and environmentally stab le. The 4D printing entails a synergy created between Stratasys, MIT’S self-assembly lab and Auto desk. The 4D displays a radical shift in speedy prototyping. It involves multi- material prints produced by the Connex technology, and it can transform from one shape to the other right off the print bed. It brings the aspect of reality with complete functionality constructed directly into the materials. The multi-material technology by Connex permits researchers to organize various material properties into each of different particles.

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Shakespeare Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Shakespeare Research Paper - Essay Example This paper examines and explores the foundations of this theory which in fact grants Francis Bacon the authorship of William Shakespeare’s works. The analysis of the said theory primarily focuses on providing a rationale and arguments which support this supposition. The approach which has been adopted in the paper is based on assessing the theory from an evaluative perspective which is based on identifying the proposals of the advocates of this theory and responses of individuals who doubt this claim. In conclusion, the paper answers a critical question that has been perpetuated by those who remain fascinated by the world of English literature: was William Shakespeare solely responsible for penning down the literary works we link with him? At the heart of the Shakespeare authorship debate is a woman named Delia Bacon, as stated by Shapiro, â€Å"Delia Bacon, more than anyone before or after, was responsible for triggering what would come to be known as the Shakespeare authors hip controversy† (18). ... Thus, Bacon’s objective of unmasking the reality of Shakespeare was motivated by the underlying political characteristics of the playwright’s masterpieces which she could only associate with individuals such as Francis Bacon. Shahan and Waugh assert that despite of the reservations of critics who view Delia Bacon’s account with uncertainty and ambiguity because of her eventual descend into psychological illness, the scholar employed â€Å"†¦remarkably modern methods of literary analysis† to arrive at her claim (204). While, this feature of her account certainly lends weight to the Baconian theory, the critical and intriguing question that has emerged is, why Francis Bacon? The answer to which has been provided in scholarly sources that are evaluated in the paper. According to Shapiro, the name of Francis Bacon soon emerged as one of the key contenders who could be revealed as the ‘real’ Shakespeare (19). As a one of the most prominent ind ividuals of Renaissance, Francis Bacon was a man of many talents; well-read, well-traveled and with the ability to engage the reader with his gifted writing talent. In 1594, he was appointed by Queen Elizabeth to serve as her literary counsel, not only that, through the works for which he was indeed credited such as the eminent Essays, the Novum Organum and the Instauratio Magna, Francis Bacon displayed his extraordinary literary capability (Shapiro 19). Even after his death in 1626, Bacon’s admirers in France upheld his philosophical works in the highest regard, by celebrating the scientist’s life and his contribution to the establishment of social reform. Shapiro claims that a significant

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The street act 1 Essay Example for Free

The street act 1 Essay The main character in The Street, Ann Petry shows that even in the hardest of times, one should continue to push forward, even if the â€Å"wind [pushes]† them away. The wind is trying to prevent those outside, especially Lutie, from accomplishing their mission/goals. The wind blocks Lutie’s path, almost as if it were the difficult situation she is going through. The wind forced the Lutie to shiver as â€Å"its cold fingers†¦touched the back of her neck, explored the sides of her head†. Petry also shows that the wind is doing every possible thing to discourage the people walking on the street, by finding â€Å"chicken bones and pork-chop bones†, and â€Å"every scrap of paper along the street†. The â€Å"violent assault† of the wind forced not only Lutie, but also every other pedestrian on the street back to their homes as it grew â€Å"difficult to breathe†. also indicating that the wind is a hardship that one must face outside of their cozy, warm home. Looking at lutes’ situation/ troubles, the win seems almost like it has something’s against them and all the pedestrians as if the city was cursed up on. Most of the details are primarily aimed towards the win and what it is doing to the scenario, such as when it â€Å"sucked [the] window shades out through the top† of opened windows, and â€Å"stuck its fingers† inside of people’s coat collars. In other words, the wind is deliberately interfering with its surroundings, creating a stressful situation where one would need a sanctuary to avoid the sinister gusts. The â€Å"flapping† of the shades, â€Å"every scrap of paper† being thrown against the people on the streets, and â€Å"dirt and dust† being lifted into the air â€Å"making it difficult to breathe†, creating a chaotic atmosphere. In The Street, Petry creates the idea that in hard, stressful times, one needs a sanctuary to avoid â€Å"the wind† of life’s powerful gusts. Through three crucial, subtle components, personification, imagery, and selection of detail, the purpose of the story was perfectly conveyed. Petry intended for the wind to have a mind, as it was forcing people back to their sanctuaries.

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Essay on Death and Love in The Merchant of Venice -- Merchant of Venic

Death and Love in The Merchant of Venice      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Everyone loves a martyr. He's that guy who not only suffered but died for his cause, his passion, his love. Bassanio may not be the most worthy cause to die for, but in Act IV of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Antonio is resigned to do so. In his final words before Shylock is set to extract his pound of flesh, Antonio has abandoned efforts to prevent his punishment and assures Bassanio that the deed must be done for the benefit of all. Despite the grisly and morbid nature of the procedure, Antonio has many reasons to die under such circumstances.    This is the only way out. Antonio devotedly loves a man who cannot return the affections with the same intensity. Bassanio's love which rightfully belongs to Antonio is shared with Portia, the wife. And who is to compete with the love a man has for his wife? Antonio tells Bassanio, "I am arm'd and well prepar'd," in speaking of his impending death (IV.1.264). He has known that eventually someone would have to be removed from this triangle and he is ready to be the one. In dying he need not take part in conflicts for Bassanio's affections. As the third wheel in a marriage, Antonio would be the source of strife for Portia, seeing as she would have to vie for her husband's love and eventually, the unhappiness of his marriage would cause Bassanio to resent Antonio. But dying ensures him the affections he wants without the pain and bitterness of rejection.    While Antonio is able to see the advantages of martyrdom, he must convince Bassanio that as such a gracious and extraordinary friend, he is willing, even happy to die for him. Humility, is the natural and subtle way to impress, so Antonio speaks of how he is not... ...s reassuring to Bassanio, but he also uses it to reassure himself. He is doing this because the pain of watching Bassanio with another love is unbearable. His life is wholeheartedly offered in order to spare himself the torment of observing the happy couple he will never be a part of.    Death is but a small price to pay for eternal love and admiration Antonio has to gain from Bassanio. Antonio wins when he dies. He wins the battle against Portia for Bassanio's love and he wins an escape from a long and lonely life of jealousy. The martyr is the most extreme illustration of devotion. He cannot be changed and is forever remembered for his selfless devotion.    Work Cited Shakespeare, William. The Merchant of Venice. The Riverside Shakespeare. Eds. G. Blakemore Evans and J. J. M. Tobin. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997. 228-317.         

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Reflection Paper for Leadership Class

In today’s society the success of business and personal life of a person depends on the attitude and how he or she handles challenges of life and opportunities it may bring. One of the important things about working together rather it’s in a workplace, school setting, or family is to know what it takes to work successfully in a team. Excellent teamwork, collaboration, good communication, positive attitudes, and adaptable personalities assist in motivating people, greater self-confidence and increased self-esteem.All of these traits combined together provide an effective tool for the success in the work force, sports, extra curricular activities, and in a person’s personal life to name a few. I participated in the DISC Behavioral Assessment in order to further understand my personal strengths and weaknesses so I can meet the demands of my environments better. The report measured how I respond to problems and challenges, how I influence others to my point of view, my response to the pace of the environment I’m in, and how I respond to rules and procedures set by others.The report states that it measures and analyzes normal behavioral style, a person’s manner of doing things. The assessment only took about 10 minutes and had me rate sequences of four words with one word describing me the most and one word describing me the least. The assessment describes my natural behavior as being nonjudgmental, open, patient, and tolerant of differences. Being receptive and listening well, helps me to excel in gathering information. However, having my mind changed is sometimes difficult.The assessment also states that I can be spontaneous and casual in familiar circumstances. I win through hard work and persistence. I like to stay with one task until it is completed. Also being stated is that I am considered to be people-oriented. I don’t resist change as much as I resist being changed. I want to be a responsible person and will avoid b ehavior that is seen by others as irresponsible. I am persistent, stable, tough-minded, and objective.My adaptive behavior in my present work environment is seen as exhibiting an active and creative sense of humor, preferring people involvement over task focus, being flexible, and working without close supervision. It also lists I may need to contact people using a variety of modes and maintain an ever-changing, friendly, work environment. I honestly do believe this assessment is very accurate with my leadership style that I do have. I always want a plan of action and want that plan carried out. I find that making decisions are easier when I know that others respect what I am trying to do.I want a stable, family-oriented environment. I feel like I have been in all situations, high and low, good and bad, and I have true empathy for those experiencing difficulties in any aspect of their lives. The assessment stated that I like to know what is expected of me in a working relationship a nd have the duties and responsibilities of others who will be involved explained as well. This is so, so true. Communication to me is huge. If everyone is on the same page, any and all obstacles can be overcome. I enjoyed taking this assessment. It was quick and easy but listed and provided a lot of wonderful and helpful information.The way that it broke down the areas in which I was valuable to a team, organization, my do’s and don’ts of communicating, and then tips was superior to many other assessments that I have taken. This will encourage me to dig a little deeper and work on strengthening my weaknesses; which in turn will only cushion and build my strengths. This assessment also allows me to compliment myself on my leadership skills that I do possess. Reading wonderful things about my leadership style from this analysis is extremely encouraging and self-rewarding. Durek Neblett

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Roles And Roles Of Gender Roles Essay - 985 Words

Roles in gender has to be determined before we are even born. Once a child’s sex is revealed, he or she will be placed into certain roles. Before we are even determined to be a male or female, we received 23 chromosomes from each parent. Of the 46 chromosomes, 45 are unisex. It is not determined until the six week which chromosome takes over and determines the sex of the child. As children get older, it becomes noticeable the differences that occur. It has been shown that women will mature quicker than men. A woman will develop their puberty about two years before a man. Also, they will live about five years longer than a male. As men and women entering early adulthood, certain physical and emotional aspects become prevalent. In women, after reaching an orgasm, they can become sexually aroused almost instantaneously. In a saddening statistic, men are four times likely to commit suicide and exhibit alcohol disorders. In males, aggression is more likely to be showed in a physica l manner, whereas a female will likely to spread gossip instead showing a physical aggression. By the age of 11 in females and 12 in males, it is shown that women will start to exhibit feelings in a sexual manner earlier than a male. As the body changes, characteristics become noticeable. In nonproductive traits in females, they develop in their breasts and in the hips. As for males, they start to develop facial hair and a noticeable drop in the voice. Culture plays in what type of rolesShow MoreRelatedGender Roles And Gender Role844 Words   |  4 PagesGender Roles can be defined as roles society expects people to play on account of their sex life. Like all roles, gender roles are made up of sets of expectations, so they can be thought of as sets of expirations, so they can be thought of as sets of expectation that are attached to sex.(pp: 220 John E. Farley Michael W. Flota). The key word gender role affects me personally because as recent graduate of high school it’s time for me to go into the real world, of working class gender role of theRead MoreGender Roles And Gender Role Essay784 Words   |  4 Pagessession, I will discuss the gender roles in my family. The definition of gender role is the degree to which a person adopts the gender-specific behaviors ascribed by his or her culture (Matsumoto, D. R., Juang 2013, 156). For example, traditional gender roles recommend that males are aggressive, angry, and unemotional. It goes further and explains that the male should leave the home every day to make a living and be the main wage earner. The traditional gender role for the female purpose is toRead MoreGender Roles And Gender Role1370 Words   |  6 PagesEach gender will have different ways they should live their life in order to stay within their gender role. Some will meet the expectations and other will not. That does not make them look le ss of their gender, they will just be expected to meet them. Over the years, some gender roles have submerged and others have risen above. They will be able to show how the gender roles are supposed to be in jobs, education, and marriage and also how they can benefit from stepping out of the gender roles. GrowingRead MoreGender Roles And Gender Role Essay1385 Words   |  6 PagesOF SUBMISSION Gender roles Introduction Gender is set of characteristics that may be used to differentiate between female and male through the use of one’s gender or through gender identity therefore. Gender role can be considered as the hypothetical construct in humanities and in many social sciences referring to a set of behavioral and social norms which in a particular culture may be largely regarded to be socially appropriate for individuals of a particular sex, gender roles vary from variousRead MoreGender Roles : Gender Role Play Essay1226 Words   |  5 PagesGender role play is the concept of young children partaking in a form of play that already sets them within a specific gender role, for example, a girl pretending to be a mother or a girl partaking in a â€Å"pink-collar† job such as nursing, teaching etc. This form of play can be seen within make-believe play. Though this topic can be tricky to study, due to the fact children in general can be tricky to observe, it is incredibly relevant due to the fact play in general has a huge effect on childrenRead MoreThe Role Of Roles Of The Formation And Development Of Gender Roles959 Words   |  4 Pages Although environment does play an important role in the formation and development of gender roles, it is not the only influence of gender roles. Biology also plays an important part in the determination of gender roles. In 1978, Braggio et al gathered data on the topic of cross specie observational study on the comparisons of the behavior of children, juvenile chimpanzees, and juvenile orangutans (Jarvis 269). The results showed a consistency of males performing a higher RT (physically vigorousRead MoreGender Roles And Male Roles1496 Words   |  6 PagesMales and Female Roles Males and females have important roles in society. They have different roles to play in modern society. In the past, men and women generally had their own roles to fulfill. These traditional gender roles were the normal back and still observed today. Gender roles are the roles that men and women are expected to occupy based on their sex. In today’s society the norm in gender roles are challenge. The traditional view of the gender role decided that women should behave in waysRead MoreGender Roles And Leadership Roles849 Words   |  4 Pagespercent of male raters, and rating source affect how effective leaders of different genders are seen to be. Their analysis was based on Role Congruity Theory. This theory states that male gender roles and leadership roles are congruent, while female gender roles and leadership roles are not congruent. For this theory, women in leadership positions get disapproval because they are not follow their female gender roles. The researchers found that, while the difference was not significant, men were seenRead MoreGender Roles And Gender Role Conflict1769 Words   |  8 Pagesself-reliance. 1.2 Gender Role Conflict As can be seen in the research, when men strongly adhere to restrictive male gender roles and expectations of behaviour, there can be a conflict between what they feel is acceptable for them to do, and what may be most helpful for them to do, for example ‘toughing it out’ versus visiting a doctor. The concept of gender role conflict was first developed by James O Neil in the early 1980’s as a part of his research into why the socialized gender roles of men causedRead MoreThe Role Of Socialization And Gender Roles852 Words   |  4 PagesINTRODUCTIOn tell me what you are focussing on†¦ and theirgender roles Socialisation is the process by which a child learns to respect his or her environmental laws such as norms, values and customs. Socialisation helps the infant gradually become self-aware and a knowledgeable person, skilled in the ways of the culture into which he or she is born. Children within the primary socialisation of the family learn a great deal from parents and other care givers such as grandparents, grandmothers